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HT Fasteners

HT Hex Bolts Imperial & Metric ZP & SC

 HT Hex Setscrews Imperial & Metric ZP & SC

 Pan Head Machine Screws Imperial & Metric ZP

 CSK Head Machine Screws Imperial & Metric ZP

 HT Socket Cap Head Bolts Imperial & Metric

 HT Button Head Bolts Imperial & Metric

 HT Threaded Bar and Studs Imperial & Metric

 Nuts & Washers

 Socket Set Screws (Grub) Imperial & Metric

 Hex Bolts / Setscrews / Nuts / Washers – Galvanised

 Hex Head Coach Screw  ZP

Cup Square Bolts  ZP

We have limited supplies of various Metric Fine, BSF, BSW and BA fixings.

Passivated Chipboard Screws

 Twinstart Woodscrews

 Chipboard Woodscrews

 Ultimate Woodscrews


Prices and availability on contact.

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Coxside ,Plymouth.
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